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Edify: Education Reporting

Carey Goldberg

Understanding education and the ways it impacts individual and community development is critical – and complicated. Yet much of today’s education coverage is full of dense jargon and datasets that provide little explanation or context.

Edify, a multimedia project covering education from pre-K to postdoc, is WBUR’s answer. Edify provides rich narratives and in-depth analysis of the education stories that are important to our communities. We interpret and contextualize education data, while elevating the personal stories about what’s really going on in and around the classroom.


Edify reporters and editors work tirelessly to cover many facets of education, from curricula to policy to testing and more, with an eye toward equity, access and quality.

As today’s schools prepare students to thrive in our knowledge-based economy, we know that achievement gaps and other impacts of economic inequality persist. Access to high quality education — even in the high-performing state of Massachusetts — is inconsistent and the increasing college debt plaguing many recent graduates limits their economic progress.

Continuing to tell these stories — and in ways that are relevant and accessible — is critical to strengthening the civic and cultural bonds that unite Greater Boston’s diverse communities.

Continued coverage requires community support. With additional resources, Edify will produce even more comprehensive education coverage that serves the public by:

  • Elevating personal narratives and experiences of students, educators, and families
  • Exploring issues around access, equity, opportunity and excellence
  • Detailing the context of historical and structural issues at play
  • Explaining topics in a detailed, easily digestible way for our audience – both those with children and those without
  • Lauding the innovations and promising initiatives in the education sector, while also evaluating their progress and successes over time
  • Engaging with the community across multiple platforms, including on-air reports, online features, social engagement and live community events


We remain committed to making news and analysis about education accessible so that our community can make informed personal and policy decisions about education. We seek to raise $1 million to increase and enhance our education coverage. Join us by making a gift to Edify today.